Tanglewood is……. Eastern North Carolina hottest female duo offering up…….a tangle of genre, spirit, and passion for heartfelt music Americana style with a mix of inspiration. Seaboard Records

Tanglewood wants to play for you!!

Tanglewood is slowly getting back into live Performances. We are currently open and available for private parties and socially distanced performances. Give us a call and lets plan a private house party. Invite 25 of your friends and get them to donate 10$ each for a great evening of  friends and live music!!

Incredible night of celebrating America and honoring those who served our great nation. Thanks Lee Greenwood and Tanglewood for your music and inspiration tonight.  Roanoke Rapids Theatre

Tanglewood's accolades include.....

opening for Lee Greenwood, Jack Lawrence, Jim Avett, Tommy Edwards, Tony Williamson just to name a few. Their collaborations include projects/shows with Nantucket's Tommy Redd, Soften the Glare's Bon Lozaga, International Bluesman Tommy McCoy and Supergrit's Don Cox.

Tanglewood's blend of smoking guitar and vocals have been described as "rich chocolate made with smooth butter."

Based in Southeastern, NC
Founded in 2019
Genre: #Americana#Roots
Label: Seaboard Records
Ann Meadows – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Laura Davis – Guitar, Vocals

Tanglewood is……. a tangle of genre, spirit, and passion for heartfelt music Americana style with a mix of inspiration.


Ann Meadows, a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and percussionist whose musical range encompasses a true Americana mix of genre. Ann's musical creativity, has culminated her into a sensitive songstress. The personal depth of her stories and melodic interpretation, speak volumes of her years of experience as a seasoned singer songwriter and aid in her interpretation of many long time favorites.


Laura Davis has a great love for music of all kinds. This self taught guitarist, session musician, and vocalist has a blossoming resume. Laura performs studio sessions for many top professional artists in our area as well as her live projects with various performing artists. Her ability on the guitar almost brings to mind, the term “photographic memory”, but her spin offers such a fresh approach of blistering leads that even old time favorites all seem new.

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2021 Shows
Jan. 15     King's Coffee                                       Murfreesboro, NC
Feb.26     King's Coffee                                       Murfreesboro, NC
Mar. 26    Private Party                                     Ahoskie, NC
Apr. 10    Back Water Jack's                              Washington, NC.
Apr. 11    Seven Springs Winery                       Norlina, NC.
Apr. 17    King's Coffee                                       Murfreesboro, NC
Apr. 24    Back Water Jack's                              Washington, NC
Apr. 30    Laughing Owl                                     Kinston, NC
May 7      Back Water Jack's                             Washington, NC
June 4      Shaded Keg                                         St. Pete Florida
June 7     Kooks Studio  Private                       Myrtle Beach, SC
JJune 11   King's Coffee                                      Murfreesboro, NC
June 18    Back Water Jack's                             Washington, NC
June 25    Floyd's 1921                                        Morehead, NC
June 27    Seven Springs  Winery                     Norlina, SC
July 3       Private Party                                      Lake Gaston, NC
July 9      Back Water Jack's                              Washington, NC
July 25    Seven Springs Winery                       Norlina, NC
Aug. 8     Pirates Cove Marina                         Manteo, NC
Aug. 9     Pirates Cove Marina                         Manteo, NC 
Aug. 13   The Marina                                          Wanchese, NC
Sept 18    Eden Riverfest                                   Eden, NC
Oct. 9       Waxhaw Fall Festival                       Waxhaw, NC
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